The board does not endorse nor support either of these.  Use is at the discretion of individual members of FLHPOA members.

Nextdoor is a private social network that many members of FLHPOA use for communicating news, issues, classified ads, etc. to both the FLHPOA community and adjoining neighborhoods.  Town Square, also a private social network,  has membership limited to FLHPOA membership only. No outside neighborhoods.

Nextdoor was started in 2010 and is based in San Francisco, CA.  Nextdoor is not exclusive to FLHPOA, in fact it is being used by 160,000 neighborhoods globally.  Town Square is a product of Associa and is limited to residents of that association.

Nextdoor and Town Square are in no way endorsed, funded, or operated in any manner by the Board of FLHPOA.  While individual Board members may post, or respond to posts in their official capacity as a member of the Board of FLHPOA it is solely to relay information that is occurring within FLHPOA or to clarify or respond to a post made by another Nextdoor or Town Square Member.  Of course, FLHPOA Board Members may also post on Nextdoor or Town Square in their capacity as a private citizen on any issue, which is the same right that every Nextdoor and Town Square Member enjoys.

The Board of FLHPOA recommends that if a FLHPOA resident has a specific issue regarding membership dues or assessments, that resident should contact an FLHPOA Board Member directly through the emails listed in the Spotlite or Contact Page.  Board members cannot address individual residents accounts on Nextdoor or Town Square.

Bernadette Kramer is the Nextdoor Lead for the Fox Lake Hills neighborhood site.  Bernadette is not a member of the FLHPOA Board, nor does the FLHPOA Board give any direction to Bernadette as to how she should perform her duties as Nextdoor Lead.  Bernadette receives no compensation from FLHPOA for acting as the Nextdoor Lead for the Fox Lake Hills neighborhood site.  Bernadette became Nextdoor Lead when the founding members of the Fox Lake Hills neighborhood site moved out of the neighborhood and they asked Bernadette to take over as Nextdoor Lead.

Everyone that uses Nextdoor or Town Square agrees to the terms of service that Nextdoor and Town Square requires of all members.  These “Community Guidelines” are posted on the Nextdoor and Town Square websites and detail what constitutes both appropriate and inappropriate posts and the method for any Nextdoor or Town Square member to report inappropriate posts.  The Nextdoor website also details the responsibilities of the Nextdoor Lead and the Lead’s role in moderating the site.  Town Square requires your account number to register.  This limits all members to property owners.