What are the association dues and what is the money used for?

Dues and fees are charged annually. Statements are mailed in late November with payment due January 1st. Actual dues are set in our bylaws at $5 for an unimproved lot and $10 for an improved lot. The association assesses an additional annual fee of $125. This fee pays for the general maintenance and upkeep of all playground equipment, the beach, the pavilion, picnic tables, benches, landscaping in all common areas, etc. This fee also covers electricity, attorney fees, and insurance. A graphic explanation can be seen HERE.

Aren’t harbor expenses covered by the association fees too?

No, none of the harbor expenses come out of the association fees. All harbor expenses are covered by the fees paid by those who use the harbor. You can read more about our harbor HERE.

What are the definitions of the following terms: improved lot, unimproved lot, and being a member of good standing?
  • Unimproved lot: an empty lot
  • Improved lot: has had a house built on it
  • Members of good standing: property owners who are current on their association dues and fees

I need to talk to someone about my association fee. Who would that be?

Please direct your questions to our management company, Associa Chicagoland, at (847) 882-8207. You can read more about Associa HERE.

I'm selling my home. How do I obtain the documents required for closing and what are the associated fees?

Information regarding fees and how to order documents can be found HERE. All questions should be directed to our management company, Associa Chicagoland, at (847) 882-8207.

When and where are the association meetings, and can anyone attend?

All members of FLHPOA are welcome at the monthly association meetings. We meet at 7pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Meetings are at the Lake Villa Township Community Center (37850 N. Rte. 59) in the multipurpose room. Please watch the announcements made on our website and/or check our FLHPOA Facebook page for updates. You can see our association meeting dates HERE.

I am not an association member. Can I still be on your newsletter mailing list?

The Spotlite newsletter is only sent to our association members. Due to printing and mailing costs, we are not able to mail the newsletter to anyone else. However, the newsletter is available online in PDF format HERE.

How many parks are within the association?

There are four parks: Bayview Park, Orchard Park, Chesney Park, and John Rule Park. You can find photos and more information about the parks HERE.

I would like to reserve the Bayview Park pavilion. What do I need to do?

To reserve the pavilion and for info on available dates, please see the Pavilion Reservations page HERE.

Do I need to sign up or make a reservation in order to use the pickleball court at Bayview Park?

No reservation or sign-up is necessary to use the pickleball court so long as at least one player is a resident member of good standing in our association. Please be courteous should another party wish to also use the court by not overextending your playing time.

I need more information about Harbor fees. Who do I talk to about that?

Due to the number of questions we receive related to Bayview Harbor and the Chesney Park boat launch, we have compiled those frequently asked questions on the Harbor page HERE. If your question is not answered there, please email the Harbormaster at flhpoa.bayview.harbor@gmail.com.

Are we allowed to have chickens, domestic ducks, or other poultry on our property?

No! Article 4.08 of our by-laws (see p. 5 for more info) states that no animals (other than house pets) or poultry of any kind shall be kept or maintained on your property.

Can I burn on my property? Are there any burning restrictions?

It depends on what you want to burn. The Open Burning Ordinance that went into effect for unincorporated Lake County in 2022 is as follows:

  • Burning garbage, refuse, and construction materials is prohibited
  • Burning non-woody yard waste, such as leaves and grass, is prohibited
  • Burning woody yard waste, such as sticks and branches, is allowed between Nov. 1 and Mar. 31
  • Recreational wood-burning fires that are no larger than 3’ x 3’ x 3’ are permitted year-round if used for warming, cooking, etc.

With the Lake County open-burning restrictions in place, how do I dispose of yard waste, such as leaves and sticks?

Waste Management collects yard waste weekly between April 15 and November 30 on garbage day. They only take yard waste in biodegradable Kraft paper bags or marked cans (max. 32 gal/50 lb). They will NOT collect yard waste placed in plastic bags. 

To dispose of grass clippings, leaves, and small twigs, you have the following options:

  • Pay for the seasonal yard waste service provided by Waste Management
    • Allows 4 bags/cans per week for approximately $80 per year
  • Purchase individual Waste Management yard waste stickers
    • Each one-time-use sticker costs approximately $2.50
  • Mulch leaves with your lawnmower or let them degrade in a compost pile
  • Note, Waste Management does NOT have a contract to vacuum leaves in Fox Lake Hills

To dispose of sticks and branches, you have the following options:

  • Pile them on your curb with the cut end facing the street
    • Branches cannot be larger than 5 inches in diameter or longer than 6 feet
    • Piles should not exceed 3 feet high by 6 feet long
    • The Lake Villa Township Highway Department drives through our neighborhood with a woodchipper, often once per week in the non-winter months, but there isn't a set schedule
    • Did you know that Fox Lake Hills residents can get a free 5-yd load of wood chips delivered to your home from Lake Villa Township? You can also pick up chips yourself at 37822 N. Fairfield Rd.
  • You may burn woody yard waste between Nov. 1 and Mar. 31 OR year-round if being used for a recreational fire (see the Lake Co. Burning Ordinance for details)

Where can I purchase Waste Management yard waste stickers?

You should reach out to Waste Management directly to get the most recent information about where to purchase yard waste stickers. As of summer 2022, Walgreens was no longer selling them but they were available at:

  • Lake Villa Township Office (37908 N Fairfield Rd | M–F 7am–4pm | cash or check only)
  • Jewel in Round Lake Beach (900 E Rollins Rd)
  • Home Depot in Round Lake Beach (2050 N IL Rte 83)