For information regarding Harbor Registration, please go HERE.

Our 1st Annual Boat Parade will take place as the FLHPOA Summer Beach Party comes to a close on August 7. Start thinking about how you are going to make your boat "LIT" with lights and other decorations! For those who wish to participate: we will start the engines and get the lights going at 8pm in Bayview Harbor, and then we'll do a loop around Stanton Bay in a single-file boat line for all to enjoy as our festivities conclude. There will be a prize for the best decorated boat.


BAYVIEW HARBOR is located on the eastern shore of Stanton Bay. This location has a boat launch and boat slips.

The CHESNEY PARK BOAT LAUNCH is located on Columbia Bay. This location is strictly for launching boats; there are no boat slips.

For rules on the use of the harbors, please be sure to read the Harbor Rules and Regulations.


Steve Jergensen
(224) 444-9541

Assistant Harbormaster (Bayview)
Don Hickey

Assistant Harbormaster (Bayview)
Ron Duprey

Assistant Harbormaster (Chesney)
Tim Brooker

Calling all volunteers!

We are always looking for help with events and with keeping our harbor, parks, and beaches clean. There are many ways you can help! Please fill out this Volunteer Form to share your contact information and ways in which you may be able to contribute.


Who are the members of the Harbor Committee and what are their responsibilities?
The Harbor Committee is a standing committee of the association. They are a busy group of people! The committee consists of a Harbormaster, three Assistant Harbormasters, and any Board Members who wish to participate. See above for harbormaster contact information.

The Harbor Committee is responsible for the management of the Bayview Harbor, both boat launches, and the navigation of the waterways at both bays. Committee members also organize the annual Harbor Registration, carry out pier inspections, oversee dredging efforts, and respond to a variety of issues that arise over the course of the year.

What is this year’s harbor fee and what is covered by that fee?
The fee consists of two parts: $210 for a boat slip and $90 for the launch/harbor key. In addition, there is a $100 fee for first time slip owners, which is put into the harbor funds.

Why do I need a launch/harbor key?
The launch/harbor key is used to open the chains that allow you to access the Bayview and Chesney boat ramps. Launch/harbor keys are $90 and are paid for on Harbor Registration Day. You must purchase a key in order to have a slip.

If you fail to register on Harbor Registration Day, you can still get your key at any monthly association meeting. However, you must still register ahead of time. Please follow the steps outlined HERE.

If you prefer to visit one of our harbormasters at their homes, you will be charged an additional $40 inconvenience fee. **This fee is being waived for 2021 due to the changes by COVID-19.**

I don’t plan on keeping my boat in the water. May I still use the boat launches?
All association members in good standing have boat launch privileges, but you must purchase a launch/harbor key each year.

Can I park a family member's or friend's boat at our harbor?
The rule regarding boat ownership is that the watercraft MUST be registered to the name and address to the FLHPOA member in good standing. You can't park a watercraft at the harbor that is registered to a different name or a non-member.

How are the harbor fees put to use?
Association dues do not pay for any expenses related to the harbors. The harbor fees contribute to the cost of maintaining Bayview Harbor and the Chesney boat ramp area. We have ongoing expenses to dredge and repair seawalls, to provide buoys and other markers, and to maintain the launches.

How do I get on the wait list for a boat slip? How long am I likely going to have to wait?
The wait time varies considerably, but a typical wait is 1 year. To get on the wait list, you must become a Harbor Member by purchasing a harbor key. To remain on the wait list, you must continue to purchase a key each year you remain on the wait list.

In the Harbor Rules and Regulations, there’s a statement that all piers must be constructed and maintained following the FLHPOA Pier Specifications. What are those specifications? What do I need to do to have my assigned slip go through the inspection process?
Before using your designated boat slip, the pier must go through a maintenance process and pass inspection. You and your pier partner are expected to work together each year to maintain it. If you are not able to take on the responsibility of maintaining the pier, please do not register for a slip.

Download and/or print the Pier Inspection Form, review, and follow all repair/inspection instructions on it. If you need clarity on any items listed on the form, please see the Pier Specifications and Requirements. After making repairs and painting, your signed inspection form must be delivered or mailed to one of the harbormasters as soon as possible.

Upon completion and notification of the signed Pier Inspection Form, the Harbor Committee will make every attempt to inspect your pier within 48 hours. Once the pier has passed inspection, you will be notified by email, text, and/or phone. All piers must be approved by the 3rd Sunday in May at 5pm.

Does my boat have to pass a safety inspection? Who does this and when?
A safety inspection is recommended but not required. For information about legally required equipment for your watercraft, please see The Handbook of Illinois Boating Laws and Responsibilities.

I’m thinking of taking a boating safety class. Where do I go for more information about this?
The Illinois Department of Natural Resources provides information on boater safety on their website HERE.

The Harbor Registration form states that people who have slip assignments are required to participate in the Bayview Harbor Patrol. What does that entail?
Boat slip holders are required – and key holders are encouraged – to participate in the patrol in order to keep our harbor safe and secure. The duties of the patrol people are not written in stone but, generally, they include walking around the piers, looking for problems such as untied boats, damaged piers, and so on. They also patrol the park area keeping their eyes open for any problems. The patrol’s presence is an important component of our effort to address problems as quickly as possible and to keep the area safe for everyone.

I want to park my boat on my property. Are there any regulations about this?
FLHPOA does not have any regulations regarding the storage of a boat on personal property.