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The 2020 Harbor Registration Day is scheduled for March 1st at 1 p.m. at the Lake Villa Community Center located at 37850 Route 59 Lake Villa, Illinois.  Please remember to bring five (5) documents: 1) something showing you've paid your annual association dues and fees for 2020, 2) proof of insurance for your watercraft, 3) proof that the watercraft is registered to your (i.e. the homeowner's) address, 4) registration of your boat trailer and 5) registration of your tow vehicle so that their license plates can be verified.

NOTE:  If you pay your dues online via the Associa-Chicagoland system, simply print the confirmation page at that time.  If you paid via USPS then you will have to go online and print your account ledger showing a zero balance due.

Please remember that the registration process is being handled by Board and Harbor Committee members and other volunteers, none of whom get paid to do this work. They would very much appreciate it if everyone made the utmost effort to have their watercraft registered on Harbor Registration Day to avoid inconveniencing anyone on another day.

If you are unable to attend the Harbor Registration Day, you may forfeit your slip unless prior arrangements were made with the Harbor Master.  Launch/boat ramp keys can be purchased at any board meeting and all documentation is still required.

***There will be an additional $40 inconvenience fee if you prefer to go to any of the harbormasters' homes to get the key and have documentation approved.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration process includes the signing of a legal document therefore, slips and keys will not be provided unless an adult is there to sign the paperwork.

For a complete rundown of all applicable regulations on the use of the harbors, please be sure to read the Harbor Rules & Regulations above.